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My recipe for starting off the sexy new you with a bang!

August 27, 2010

Here’s a sexy shake that you can make for your man so that he’ll taste yummier for oral sex:

Blend the following with a scoop of natural vanilla ice cream

2 tsp honey
1 cup milk
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1 raw egg

If your man drinks this 1 hour before lovemaking, his ejaculate will taste sweeter!

Compliments of Harley Swiftdeer, Native American Shaman.

 I say you get bonus points if:
– you make him this sexy shake
– feed it to him
– and spend the next hour massaging each other!

Pineapple is also a fabulous fruit to sweeten your man up. Celery, kiwi, and strawberries work well too. The health benefits of fresh fruit and veggies are a bonus. 

Another romantic addition to your sexy shake evening could be candlelight. It truly is the most flattering light for love. It sets the mood, hides all manner of “less than perfect” areas of your body, and for some reason it offers a safer space for people to really look deeply into their partner’s eyes. So add some more romance to your evenings and break out the candles – they aren’t just for power outages!


Kim Switnicki, ACC

Sex Educator for Women, Sex & Intimacy Coach


Breasts for Understanding

July 29, 2010

It was recently reported in Maclean’s Magazine that German scientists have developed an “empathy” nasal spray that will make men more understanding of women.  The main ingredient in this spray is the hormone oxytocin.  This hormone is best known for its role in women’s reproduction and is often referred to as the bonding hormone.  It is released in women during breast feeding and post-orgasm.  The release of this hormone creates a feeling of empathy for those in close proximity when it is released.

While I fully embrace the hope that men would be more empathetic, I am skeptical that this nasal spray would do the trick.  As with pheromones, one would have to bottle a very high quantity of oxytocin in order for it to be effective, which would make this product very expensive.  The man taking this would also need to be in close proximity to the appropriate person (ie. His wife) for it to increase his empathy for her, instead of say the newspaper delivery person, the bus driver, or the clerk at the grocery store.  I like what the German scientists are trying to accomplish, but perhaps it would be easier for men to feel more empathy towards the women in their lives if they just listened to their partners more.  Alternatively, since breast stimulation also releases oxytocin, it may be easier to simply encourage men to play more with our breasts!  Here’s some tips on breast play that might help.


Kim Switnicki, ACC

Sex Educator for Women, Sex & Intimacy Coach

How women can boost their sex drive naturally!

July 17, 2010

Here are 4 quickie ways to increase your sex drive and have loads of fun while doing it. Let me know which ones you like – wink wink.

Write an erotic story

If you aren’t feeling sexy in your own skin, you may be concentrating too much on your body and any body image issues you may have. A good way to get past this is to stimulate your mind. The brain is the largest sex organ for women!! Writing an erotic story can stimulate you to think sexually which can then lead to feeling sexy; the mind leads the body. Writing an erotic story starring ‘you’ will energize erotic creativity, which will likely make you feel much more sexy and lustful.

Wear nothing but high heels

High heels are not just for the office, and in fact can have a stimulating effect when used to eroticize your body for your lover.  Kissing your lover wearing high heels (in the house!), and very little or very revealing clothing, will heighten feelings of lust and sensuality, and of course your partner will love it. Your legs and butt will look great, you’ll feel more sensual, a bit daring and you’ll be taller which adds confidence. Wearing high heels is a small change that can have a dramatic impact on how you feel about yourself and how your lover looks at you.

Blindfold your lover

Using a blindfold on your lover is a great way to break down inhibitions. If your lover can’t see you, you can feel bolder and braver, and more comfortable trying out new sexual positions and/or whispering sweet naughty words. You will feel more secure and in control, while your partner’s other senses will be heightened, allowing for great new sensual sensations and experiences for both of you.

Bath and body love

Taking time to treasure and pamper your body will encourage positive feelings about yourself and about your body. Feeling good in your body will allow you to be more aware of your sexual energy flow. When you are connected with your sexual energy, feelings of lust, sexiness, and confidence are easily accessible.  Stealing some time to take a sensual bath with all the trimmings, candles, bubbles, music, tasty drink (use all the senses to make it sense-ual), is an invaluable way to de-stress and clear the mind. After your bath, look in the mirror and focus on 3 body parts that you have been ignoring and that need some love, care and support. Embrace, caress, and admire these parts with warm feelings allowing loving energy to flow into them. If you do this 3 times in a week, you will feel tremendous in your body by the weekend!


Kim Switnicki, ACC

Sex Educator for Women, Sex & Intimacy Coach

Top Ten Sexy Breast Moves

June 15, 2010

To be a Sexually Empowered woman, it is important for you to love your breasts. No matter their shape, size or colour, enjoy them and treat them as a precious part of your feminine, sensual self. The more you embrace their sexy little curves, the more your man is likely to as well! We’re taught when very young to hide our breasts and society shuns the public appearance of nipples in advertising and even in art and yet men are always seeking to spot them. This can be very confusing for young women and this confusion can carry into adulthood.  To help you love your breasts as much as your partner does, take the time after a bath or shower to caress, powder or lotion them. Feel them regularly (and not just for breast self exams)  and show them that you really care.

The way you view your breasts and expose, hide or handle them yourself will affect how your partner sees them. While he may not necessarily be a ‘breast’ man, he may be greatly turned on when he watches you caress, squeeze or rub them after bathing or while you make love together.

Not all women enjoy the same sensitivity of nipples or breast tissue. Some gals are simply orgasmic with breast stimulation. Others enjoy kisses or suckling and still others enjoy a rougher pinching or tweaking. This can change throughout the month and also throughout your lifetime, as well as be impacted by your various partners and your relationships with them.

Be aware of your time of the month and the changes this causes in breast sensitivity and tenderness. You may want to gently let your lover know that they are extra tender but you especially love his gentle kisses (if in fact you do).

If he loves to play rough with your breasts and you don’t care for that, instead of cutting off all breast play, try asking for gentle kisses and caresses. The more turned on you become through foreplay, the more sensation you can handle. So as you get more turned on, you may start to enjoy some rougher play. Start off slow and gentle and see what heights of passion you can both reach.

Here are my Top Ten Sexy Breast Tips


  1. Use your cleavage to tease him while out on a date and pinch your nipples on occasion if you have to (on the sly of course) to let him know your little erect nipples are a promise of erections to come.
  2. Breast play can release oxytocin (bonding hormone also released during breast feeding) so do include breast play of some sort during lovemaking even if it is only your hands caressing them and rubbing them up against him.
  3. Rub your lovely breasts against him whenever you can while engaged in intercourse to add an extra oxytocin boost as well as reminding him you are a voluptuous woman.
  4. Grab his hands and with yours over top, indicate how hard or soft you want his caresses. Teach him by showing him what you like. He can’t be expected to know!
  5.  Invite him to play the ‘mirror game’ where you sit facing each other while nude and place a hand on each other’s chest. He has to mirror everything you do to him. Show him how you like to be teased and tantalized without touching your nipple so it drives you wild and you can’t stand it anymore. Experiment with pinches, little nibbles and light scratches to gauge both of your reactions. Have fun! If you do this while gazing into each other’s eyes, you will create a seductive memory not soon forgotten.
  6.  Invite him to melt an ice cube over your whole body and be sure to include your nipples. Be sure to let him know by your moans and groans what areas drive you wild with delight or chill you out.
  7.  When in a sex position that facilitates this, whisper into his ear how much you love it when he (licks, sucks, pinches, squeezes, kisses, etc.) your nipples or your breasts. Your directness will inspire him while your instructions will have him eagerly wanting more. He really wants to please you and loves it when you tell him what you love!
  8.  When you’re on top, play with your breasts while looking him in the eye. If you can, reach down with your tongue or mouth and kiss, suckle or lick each of your breasts while gracefully cupping one in your hand, you’ll have him eating out of your hand in no time. For those even braver, slip a finger down to gather some of your own love juices and rub them on your breast before licking. He’ll be swooning.
  9.  Again while on top, take a scarf and blindfold him, take each of his hands and bring them up above his head so he is your ‘hostage’. Slide yourself up so you can dip down and slip a breast into his mouth while you use a forceful voice telling him what you want him to do. If you can manage it, slide a hand back and massage his penis while he pleasures your breast. If you can’t reach, alternate his and your pleasure. With him blindfolded he won’t know what to expect. Can you imagine the moaning that will ensue? 
  10.  No conversation about breasts and sex is complete without the mention of using your breasts as a means to manually pleasure your man. The pure sight of his erection between your oiled breasts while you squeeze them together to give him a firm place to thrust, may send him over the edge. If you add some lustful gazes at his penis while you lick your lips or give him quick tongue flicks as he moves back and forth, he will remain your devoted lover.

Try any of these and let me know how much you love your breasts now!


Kim Switnicki, ACC

Sex Educator for Women, Sex & Intimacy Coach

Imagine a marriage where the honeymoon goes on and on

May 19, 2010

Plan now to make your love-life stronger & more vibrant – even after you’re married!

What will great sex do for your marriage, your partner, your life?

Does your bedroom shout ‘sensual heaven’ or is it crying out ‘clutter nightmare’?

Your bedroom should be a haven, a room to retreat to when pressure and stress get to you. When you and your lover enter, breathe in deeply, be present and devote yourselves to relaxation, rejuvenation and yes, Romance!

Set the stage for a lifetime of love and intimacy:

• Remove clutter from night tables (no homework, paperwork or bills to pay)
• Hide books in drawers unless they turn you on
• Keep sexy accessories clean and handy (with spare batteries too)
• Pick clothes up off the floor (keep them in closets, drawers, a hamper or another room)
• Add mood lighting such as a dimmer switch, pot lights or tri-light lamp
• Have scented candles, a holder and matches handy (don’t leave unattended)
• Fresh flowers always add the air of romance to a room
• Keep mints available for morning breath refreshment for sunrise surprises
• Have a piece of passionate inspiration on the walls such as a piece of art, a portrait or you and your lover or even a gorgeous view out a window
• Splurge on sensual covers for the bed and pillows in luxurious fabrics
• Adorn bed with pillows of all shapes and sizes (fabulous for lovemaking accessories too!)
• Bottled water is always advisable for hydration when things get hot (so you don’t have to get up!)

Go here and click on Prepare a Boudoir or 3 Steps to a Sexy Bedroom to see a video of me explaining this and more on Breakfast Television in Vancouver.

Show your partner that he and lovemaking are a priority in your life and you’ll both live happily ever after.


Kim Switnicki, ACC

Sex Educator for Women, Sex & Intimacy Coach

Are you a Betty or a Veronica?

April 8, 2010

So do you think you’re more like Betty or like Veronica – in the bedroom? Or is it more like what Jerry Hall (Mick Jagger’s ex) said, “a woman needs to be a cook in the kitchen, and a whore in the bedroom”? Or do you fall somewhere in between, or somewhere else? You may recall the hubbub last summer when Archie, “the world’s oldest [redheaded] teenager” ended up proposing to Veronica. I’m sure you recall the love triangle between him, Betty and Veronica – poor Archie could never decide whom he loved more! So was anyone surprised that Archie would be proposing to Veronica? I was not surprised by this at all. Guys do like the bad girls (and face it ladies we sometimes prefer the bad boys too)! It seems, however, that the world empathizes with the good girl – people were writing letters of encouragement to Betty! This is why it can be beneficial to be a “Betty” to the world, and a “Veronica” in the bedroom.

That all being said, here are some tips from my book, Great Sex For Hard Times on how to be a Veronica in the bedroom.

Tip 1: Shower with your mate
When : Especially great for when the kids are at home, but you are craving some alone time. When you are menstruating.

How : You don’t have to make love in the shower, but washing each other is great foreplay, great for intimacy building and great for private time without the kids. If using silicone lubricant, which doesn’t wash away with water, be extra careful that you don’t slip.

Why: For married couples with children, finding time to spend together can be a challenge. The shower can offer them the chance to be naked and alone together, which will help them maintain their passion and intimacy, while avoiding the need to hire a babysitter. You don’t always have to have intercourse while or after sharing the shower, although not a bad idea, just being able to share that intimate time together will deepen your connection which leads to greater sex. For most women, having their period puts a damper on sexual play so sex in the shower is the perfect answer – no mess!! And even more than that, it creates an extra layer of excitement and enticement, almost making it something to look forward to.

Tip 2: Use a tie as a blindfold to drive your partner wild
When: This is a perfect way to welcome your lover home after a long day at the office.

How: When your lover comes home, take his tie off and wrap it around his head like a blindfold covering his eyes, and tie it snugly. If your lover doesn’t wear a tie, you can be wearing one or a scarf when he comes home, and use this to cover his eyes. With your partner blinded, lean him against a wall or across a couch, and grab his hands and hold them over his head. Now you can start kissing him and exploring his body with your other hand and whisper in his ear seductively “Do you want more of this?” and see where it takes you.

Why : Without his ability to see and to grab you with his hands, his other senses will be enhanced dramatically. His awareness of what you are doing to him with your hands and your tongue will overwhelm him. He will be putty in your hands as all he can do is submit to the pleasure that you are giving him. Even men like to be ‘taken’ on occasion.

Tip 3: Experiment with lap dances at an exotic club that welcomes couples, before inviting someone else into your sexual relationship.
When : This is for couples that have discussed, or are entertaining the possibility of having a threesome.

How :Take your lover to an exotic dance club. Have a couple of drinks to get warmed up and enjoy the dancers. When you are ready, pick out a dancer and have her give your partner a lap dance. Discuss how you each feel afterwards. Honesty is the key here. Then, if you are both willing, select a dancer to give your lover a lap dance. Chat about how it made you feel to see your partner with someone else. Did it turn you on? Were you mad with jealousy? Was your partner turned on, jealous or simply curious?

Why: This is a great way to find out if having a threesome is going to work in your relationship. It allows you to experience what it feels like to watch your partner with someone else, and vice versa, without actually going through with it and potentially damaging friendships or marriages. I don’t ever recommend threeways with family members. Simply too much emotion to make that work well. The honest communication afterwards is critical. If you were both turned on by what happened then you can feel a lot better about pursuing a threesome. If one or both of you were uncomfortable, then you should reconsider the threesome and remember, fantasies are often best kept in the mind and are wonderful when whispered in the heat of passion into your lover’s ears….

Whether you’re a Betty or a Veronica, enjoy these tips and have some great sex.


Kim Switnicki, ACC
Sex Educator, Author, Speaker and Transformational Sex Coach

Happy New Year – Ready for Great Sex?

January 4, 2010

Sensual and erotic sex is a powerful enhancement to life. I believe that every adult should experience authentic, honest and real sexual pleasure in whatever way works best for them. As this new year unfolds I invite you to do 3 things to help you create a fantastic and sensual new you in the new year:

  1. Consider something different you did last year that helped you feel really super sexy and carry if forward to this year. Even if it was buying a new nightie or tossing a ratty old one. What was one positive and sensual experience that you’d like to bring forward with you into 2010 as a reminder of what can be?
  2. What do you challenge yourself to do differently in 2010 to add romance back into your life in an even more significant way than ever before?
  3. How can you truly be in service to your lover, while still pleasing your truest self, in a way that you know will make he or she melt in your arms and will be immensely valued as loving, sensual and erotic. Now make plans to go and do it!

Put some conscious attention on your erotic energy and watch yourself grow even more erotic (and confident!) as the year unfolds. Welcome to 2010 and may you go forth in sensual splendor!

Kim Switnicki, ACC
Sex Coach at and

Kim Switnicki on the Wayne & Jayne Radio Show

July 27, 2009

On June 22nd, I enjoyed chatting about great sex with Wayne & Jayne in the Kootenays on KBS radio.  I shared sexy tidbits about sexuality and intimacy.  Are you orgasmic?  Do you have quality sexual experiences?  Listen and learn what a difference these can make for you in your daily life!


Listen to this clip and find other helpful interviews CLICK HERE.

Breakfast Television Gets Spicy

July 23, 2009

Breakfast Television was in for some spice when I showed up!  Do you have a “very vanilla” partner?  Do you want to spark their interest in new fun and games?


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Another Sexy Discussion on Breakfast Television

July 23, 2009

Dawn and Riaz, hosts of Breakfast Television, get into a fun discussion about sexy games and my book the G-Spot PlayGuide.


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