Natural Lubricant Q & A



What would you recommend for a personal lubricant that is all natural, but has staying power and a neutral taste? Coconut oil worked great, but I was allergic.  What about almond oil, cocoa butter or shea butter? Island Natural has “Sylk” but I hear it does not last long and it is $$. 



Thanks very much for your inquiry. If you want an unflavoured lubricant recommend the O’My natural lubricant. You can find it at my online store.

This natural lubricant lasts and has no flavour to speak of. It very closely mimics a woman’s natural lubrication. Coconut oil, if it is virgin, is the only oil I would ever suggest using vaginally. Other oils or butters can create breeding grounds for bacteria and are not advisable. You should only use a water soluble product vaginally and no sugars. If you want to play with natural flavours, my Forplay Succulents line is naturally flavoured and has no sugar or chemicals that shouldn’t be in the vagina. It is great for oral play as well as intercourse and tastes great!

 Let me know how it works out.


 Kim Switnicki, ACC

Sex Educator for Women, Sex & Intimacy Coach


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