Mysteries of Oral Sex


Books in a southern California school district were pulled out of classrooms because some of the content was deemed inappropriate for the 9 and 10 year old children. The offending books are the 10th edition of Miriam Webster Dictionaries. It is still uncertain whether this ban will be permanent; school administrators are currently combing through the books looking for more age inappropriate content. It was a parent that brought the complaint forward, and there has been debate whether banning the dictionaries is the correct move. The offending entry was the definition of oral sex, which is described as “oral stimulation of the genitals”.

Is it really inappropriate for children aged 9 and 10 to learn about sex? Or is it just very hard for some parents to talk to their kids about sex, so much so that they would prefer to remove all credible sources of information about it from their child’s world, hoping to preserve innocence, but only breeding confusion and shame instead? What are your thoughts?

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Kim Switnicki, ACC

Sex Educator for Women, Sex & Intimacy Coach


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