How women can boost their sex drive naturally!


Here are 4 quickie ways to increase your sex drive and have loads of fun while doing it. Let me know which ones you like – wink wink.

Write an erotic story

If you aren’t feeling sexy in your own skin, you may be concentrating too much on your body and any body image issues you may have. A good way to get past this is to stimulate your mind. The brain is the largest sex organ for women!! Writing an erotic story can stimulate you to think sexually which can then lead to feeling sexy; the mind leads the body. Writing an erotic story starring ‘you’ will energize erotic creativity, which will likely make you feel much more sexy and lustful.

Wear nothing but high heels

High heels are not just for the office, and in fact can have a stimulating effect when used to eroticize your body for your lover.  Kissing your lover wearing high heels (in the house!), and very little or very revealing clothing, will heighten feelings of lust and sensuality, and of course your partner will love it. Your legs and butt will look great, you’ll feel more sensual, a bit daring and you’ll be taller which adds confidence. Wearing high heels is a small change that can have a dramatic impact on how you feel about yourself and how your lover looks at you.

Blindfold your lover

Using a blindfold on your lover is a great way to break down inhibitions. If your lover can’t see you, you can feel bolder and braver, and more comfortable trying out new sexual positions and/or whispering sweet naughty words. You will feel more secure and in control, while your partner’s other senses will be heightened, allowing for great new sensual sensations and experiences for both of you.

Bath and body love

Taking time to treasure and pamper your body will encourage positive feelings about yourself and about your body. Feeling good in your body will allow you to be more aware of your sexual energy flow. When you are connected with your sexual energy, feelings of lust, sexiness, and confidence are easily accessible.  Stealing some time to take a sensual bath with all the trimmings, candles, bubbles, music, tasty drink (use all the senses to make it sense-ual), is an invaluable way to de-stress and clear the mind. After your bath, look in the mirror and focus on 3 body parts that you have been ignoring and that need some love, care and support. Embrace, caress, and admire these parts with warm feelings allowing loving energy to flow into them. If you do this 3 times in a week, you will feel tremendous in your body by the weekend!


Kim Switnicki, ACC

Sex Educator for Women, Sex & Intimacy Coach


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