Imagine a marriage where the honeymoon goes on and on


Plan now to make your love-life stronger & more vibrant – even after you’re married!

What will great sex do for your marriage, your partner, your life?

Does your bedroom shout ‘sensual heaven’ or is it crying out ‘clutter nightmare’?

Your bedroom should be a haven, a room to retreat to when pressure and stress get to you. When you and your lover enter, breathe in deeply, be present and devote yourselves to relaxation, rejuvenation and yes, Romance!

Set the stage for a lifetime of love and intimacy:

• Remove clutter from night tables (no homework, paperwork or bills to pay)
• Hide books in drawers unless they turn you on
• Keep sexy accessories clean and handy (with spare batteries too)
• Pick clothes up off the floor (keep them in closets, drawers, a hamper or another room)
• Add mood lighting such as a dimmer switch, pot lights or tri-light lamp
• Have scented candles, a holder and matches handy (don’t leave unattended)
• Fresh flowers always add the air of romance to a room
• Keep mints available for morning breath refreshment for sunrise surprises
• Have a piece of passionate inspiration on the walls such as a piece of art, a portrait or you and your lover or even a gorgeous view out a window
• Splurge on sensual covers for the bed and pillows in luxurious fabrics
• Adorn bed with pillows of all shapes and sizes (fabulous for lovemaking accessories too!)
• Bottled water is always advisable for hydration when things get hot (so you don’t have to get up!)

Go here and click on Prepare a Boudoir or 3 Steps to a Sexy Bedroom to see a video of me explaining this and more on Breakfast Television in Vancouver.

Show your partner that he and lovemaking are a priority in your life and you’ll both live happily ever after.


Kim Switnicki, ACC

Sex Educator for Women, Sex & Intimacy Coach


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One Response to “Imagine a marriage where the honeymoon goes on and on”

  1. Nick Says:

    Excellent post about livening things up in a relationship!

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