Happy New Year – Ready for Great Sex?


Sensual and erotic sex is a powerful enhancement to life. I believe that every adult should experience authentic, honest and real sexual pleasure in whatever way works best for them. As this new year unfolds I invite you to do 3 things to help you create a fantastic and sensual new you in the new year:

  1. Consider something different you did last year that helped you feel really super sexy and carry if forward to this year. Even if it was buying a new nightie or tossing a ratty old one. What was one positive and sensual experience that you’d like to bring forward with you into 2010 as a reminder of what can be?
  2. What do you challenge yourself to do differently in 2010 to add romance back into your life in an even more significant way than ever before?
  3. How can you truly be in service to your lover, while still pleasing your truest self, in a way that you know will make he or she melt in your arms and will be immensely valued as loving, sensual and erotic. Now make plans to go and do it!

Put some conscious attention on your erotic energy and watch yourself grow even more erotic (and confident!) as the year unfolds. Welcome to 2010 and may you go forth in sensual splendor!

Kim Switnicki, ACC
Sex Coach at www.kimswitnicki.com and www.greatsexforhardtimes.com


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