Not Having Sex is Good for You


A lot of us feel compelled by the media etc. to have sex, sex and more sex because it’s so good for you.  I too speak of how great sex is for you and how it can improve your life.  However, the other end of the spectrum is not addressed often enough.  Listen in as Pam Edgar, host of Living for the Health Of It, chats with me about the idea of not having sex and how that too can actually be healthier for some people than having pressure and guilt added to the mix.  Pick up some tips on how to have open chats with your partner when you have stress, small kids, health issues or other cases where sex isn’t a priority or a good option for you at the time.  We also discuss how to regain sexual relationships after serious health issues where one party has been the care-giver.  It really is all about choice and free will and really trying to find your own Sexual Truth and honouring it.

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