New York City visit for G-Spot PlayGuide promotion at Book Expo America


NYC was a blast and I am proud to say I love NY! Here’s a link to a small photo album of the 400-500 photos I ACTUALLY took so you can get a taste of it, for those who have never been there.

 I saw Times Square, the Dakota Building (where John Lennon was killed), boarded the Staten Island ferry, hugged the bull on Wall Street, walked through the Strawberry Fields Forever Memorial to John Lennon, toured the South Street Seaport, and looked out over the new World Freedom Center (formally World Trade Center site) all within my 5 ½ hour whirlwind NYC tour which was amazing! Many thanks to Tyler, our aspiring actor tour guide with On Board Tours, who made the tour experience memorable, fun, interesting, and one that I want to bring my husband back to enjoy. New Yorkers are the friendliest people I have ever met which was a pleasant surprise, and the police presence was prominent and a lot of them were very nice looking so it was a pleasure to watch New York’s finest monitor, direct and protect the city! The next time I go, I’ll do a tour of the sex shops (which aren’t many since the clean-up) in Manhattan. Be on the lookout for my upcoming post on Eve’s Garden, the lovely upscale lady’s sex toy boutique, where I signed more of my G-Spot PlayGuides.

 Here is some fun video. Link one and link two.

Have a great day and an even better night!

Kim Switnicki


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