Sex after 40


As we age, many women start to worry about the physical changes that occur as we are approaching menopause that can affect sex.  Some of the changes are negative, like the dryness that happens.  But there are also positive effects as well, so I thought that I would share those positive aspects of us getting older ;-)

Being a sex educator and intimacy coach, I hear from a lot of women in my practice, at speaking engagements, tradeshows, everywhere – how sex over 40 just gets better and better!

Yes, our vaginal walls thin and hormone levels get erratic so we get drier.  With lower estrogen levels our muscles start to droop so we develop more pelvic floor issues (see for help with that!), but our body image, confidence, and ability to take charge of our own orgasms can greatly increase!

Quite often, we aren’t as worried about how we look in bed, we’re getting more comfortable in our skin and we have learned what turns us on.  We can communicate it more confidently to our partners and we don’t mind “doing it ourselves” so we guarantee our own orgasms when we want them.

As women, we have the power to create the sex-life of our dreams, so I encourage all of you to take any steps necessary to get more comfortable with your bodies, acknowledge your imperfections as perfect, and allow yourself to let down your walls and let vulnerability in. The possibility of more powerful intimate relationships is within your grasp.


Kim Switnicki, ACC, ECPC
Sex Educator, Speaker, Intimacy Coach

Author of “G-Spot PlayGuide: 7 Simple Steps to G-Spot Heaven!”
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