Are pillows good for anything other than sleeping?


Q: Are pillows good for anything other than sleeping?

A: Yes! Pillows are great for a multitude of sexy things including:  propping yourself up (try under your hips during
missionary position for variety in angle) or staying comfy when on
your knees performing oral sex.

Pregnant ladies may find pelvic relief by tucking a
pillow between your knees or under one side of your abdomen. For doggy style love-making (which is great fun
during pregnancy) you gals can cushion your tummies with pillows so
there’s no strain on your back.

People with arthritis can benefit from pillows as well. Whether under their knees, necks, backs or ankles, pillows can offer great support. 

Can you think of other
fun or useful ways to use a pillow? Send me some tips and I’ll post
them on the blog!


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