E-Women Network Conference Report


While in Dallas, when asked what I do I replied: I help women stop faking their orgasms. I quickly became known as the Orgasm Lady. Judging by the reactions I received, there is still an epidemic of women faking it!

My new Vulva Puppet stole the show at dinner with the L.A. ladies (at The Palms-great food!) This is the bunch of us: (left to right)

Linda Hollander (holding the puppet!) fellow cat lover who helps businesses attract corporate sponsors, speaker, author of Bags to Riches – www.wealthybaglady.com
Me– hidden but there
Mimi Donaldson bold, brilliant and beautiful keynote presenter www.mimidonaldson.com shared great speaking tips
Kim Hamer brings peace to parents as they navigate the private school process at www.getintoprivateschool.com AND she was my roomie, cheering section and friend
Judi Froehlich MC of dinner and Event Specialist/Consultant and Dancing Queen Extraordinaire
Ooops – I can’t recall this woman’s name but she creatively helps women leave their homes when in crisis
Margie Johnston keeps hospitality sales flowing at www.rrmanage.com and loves to dance as well
Tricia Greaves helps women with emotional eating at www.betotallyfree.com and is getting married soon – you go girl!

Here is a picture of me with Kerry Brown of www.SuccessBizCoach.com and the reason I attended the conference! She’s the managing director of the Victoria, BC chapter of the E-Women Network.

Meet Jody England and her gals at www.BuzZen.us who have a great thing going and they sure seem to be sexually enlightened ladies! Stay tuned as we have plans to do some fun things together!

If you want to be inspired, informed or made to laugh, check out the free articles at www.divatoolbox.com where you can learn a multitude of things. Look for me there soon as well.

Elissa Naufel (one of my dinner companions on Friday night) of  www.ingenuitypm.com/index.htm is a creative genius. We have some wild and wonderful plans for the future!

We were entertained by the most hilarious guys ever!: Jud Laipply
If you haven’t seen the evolution of dance video, you must go here now! www.theevolutionofdance.com/ Come back after because I got to thinking about Judson and sex. If he makes love the way he performs, then his partner is very, very fortunate. He is clearly an astute observer of people which means he probably listens and pays attention – a great asset for the bedroom! He dances with so much energy, creativity, and flair. He employed variety, a great sense of humour and fab music. What more do you need in a lover?

Michael Gerber (of the E-Myth fame) has been an inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world for many years and yes, his closing keynote was fabulous. What really struck home for me, though, was that he has such an obvious and apparent love for his wife who sat at my table right at the front of the stage. Here is a man who, at 77 years old, openly loves and respects his wife and travels with her at his side. A very sweet man after my own heart.

Yes, I danced my face off, nibbled on glorious fruit dipped in the chocolate fountain and ate a warm gooey, cakey delight and then danced some more! This was our Evening of Chocolate Decadence and here I am with my dear friend Kim Hamer. The band rocked us all night long and my new strappy heels even survived the night-no blisters!

There were many more great women that I haven’t mentioned. It is always powerful to be in the company of positive, inspired females – I highly recommend you attend women’s events whenever you can and soak up the uplifting energy of sisterhood!

Dallas outdoors in July was like being in a blow dryer – hot and windy. I didn’t get to Nordstroms to go shopping but it was a great trip and I’ll be back next year!


Kim Switnicki
Your Orgasm Breakthrough Coach


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