Where Is The Male G-Spot?


This is quite often a mystery, to not only a lot of women, but for men as well! Basically, the male g-spot is the prostate gland in a man. The prostate is a walnut sized and shaped organ that is responsible for sperm production.

When stimulated (gently), it can bring on powerful sexual sensation and can lead some men to orgasm without any penis stimulation at all!

The easiest way to find it is by inserting a LUBRICATED finger gently into the anus and aimed slightly toward the tummy. Toys for the anus can come later when you are both used to the experience. (Our Microtingler is perfect for this purpose!)

I don’t recommend that you force the issue as some men are not at all receptive to anal play. If they are able to get over their concerns about it, you can have a whole new area of lovemaking available to you.

As always, trust, respect and communication are essential to a pleasurable, erotic experience.


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