Vibrators 101


When women use vibrators, they usually concentrate on external clitoral stimulation. Since over 70% of us need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, that makes a lot of sense!

When preparing to use a vibrator for the first time, I suggest you make sure you have quiet uninterrupted time, perhaps a relaxing bath or shower and maybe even some candles to help set the mood. Romance yourself – you’re worth it! You may want to watch an erotic film or read some erotic letters or stories to help put you in the mood.

Turn it on its lowest setting (the best vibrators are multi-speed) and gently and slowly run it along your arms, legs, tummy and other commonly touched areas of your body. Perhaps even your face. Once you’re comfortable with the vibration sensation you can slowly begin to tease yourself lower on your tummy, perhaps on your inner thighs and slowly bring it closer to your clitoris. This is where your own intuitiveness and knowledge of your body come into play.

You will decide how much stimulation and exactly where it feels best.

You learn whether you want a slow circular motion or a hard pressure or a light back and forth flicking or even run it up and down the length of the clitoral glans. Explore and play and have fun. The clitoris has been magnificently created strictly for sexual pleasure – it is yours to have fun with!

If you don’t orgasm easily, you may find a harder, plastic vibrator works best. If you like the option of having penetration, then a softer jelly type that is more penis shaped may be what you want.

If you have any further questions about how to select your vibrator, I’m happy to help. Remember, we can be orgasmic until the day we die so keep on playing!


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