Top 5 Movie Kisses


Here is a brief listing of some of the movies’ best kisses! Feel free to drop me a line to share some of yours.

1. Dirty Dancing – the scene is “Baby” in her bra dancing with her sexy dance teacher “Johnny” for a sweaty dance practice kiss-oh la la.

2. Fatal Attraction – the scene has Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in an elevator and again on the kitchen counter and again against the wall…do I go on?

3. Jerry Maguire – the scene is Renee and Tom on her doorstep after their first date. The tension builds as he breaks the strap on her dress and lays a very sexy good night kiss…that lasts till morning!

4. Titanic – the scene is “Jack” and “Rose” steaming up the car for her first time. Then again on the bow of the ship in the now classic “Titanic” pose.

5. The Hunger – the scene is Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve in a romantic, hot scientist/vampire tousle on the bed with material billowing around them.


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