Sex Toy Etiquette


Do you share *old* sex toys with *new* partners?

This is a great question and one with many answers. My first response is "How would you feel if he brought out a vibrator that he used with another lover?" Each relationship is different and it’s really up to you to decide how to proceed. Just be cautious.

It may also depend on the ‘toy’. Perhaps massage oil or lubricant if purchased for someone else is acceptable, but a vibrator or cock-ring may not go over so well.

Certainly, disinfecting your toys (with an anti-bacterial spray) is a good place to start. Also, pick a neutral and loving moment (remember-not in bed!) and ask him how he would feel about using a sexy item that you already own. It’s amazing what you find out when you ask!

If you don’t feel comfortable even bringing it up, listen to that. It may be worth investing in new toys that you select together!


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