Power of the Black Mask


A black mask is a potent symbol of seduction.

Yes, you can use a tie or scarf, but they don’t hold the same power the mask does.

Leave one on your partner’s pillow so he can see it when he walks in. Very Sexy! Use the mask to release your inhibitions or those of your partner. When you hide your eyes you’ll find yourself acting in ways that you wouldn’t usually. Unleash your Inner Lioness further by putting the mask on your partner and see how differently you now act, things you may now say or do. Rejoice in shedding your inhibitions!

Don’t have a mask? One is included in our Deluxe Lioness Sexy Feather Game. Imagine all the fun and sexy things you’ll do with a feather, some erotic dice and that powerful black mask.

Keep me posted!


One Response to “Power of the Black Mask”

  1. Power of the Black Mask | Sexy Tips Says:

    […] Power of the Black Mask is a short article on, you guessed it, using a black mask! No, not a Zorro mask, but a sexy mask for use in your sex games. If you haven’t tried it, now might be the time… […]

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