Pole Dancing


I saw a post on a social networking site that spoke negatively about Pole Dancing classes and how it feeds the exploitation of women. I felt compelled to comment so am also posting my reply here!

This topic is near and dear to me since I’m a sex and intimacy coach and my mission is to help women connect with their sensuality and achive their sexual potential – whatever that means for them. (AND I’m off to my pole dance class tonight!)

The owner of the studio where I take my classes has created a dance studio for women only with the express purpose of helping them to feel empowered. I offer workshops at the studio as it fits in with my passion of sexually empowering women.

It has been my experience, both personally and with clients, that connecting to your inner sensual self is IMPERATIVE if you want to be as successful in life AND in business as you possibly can. Our sexual energy is our life force or chi energy and keeps us vital and healthy and strong. It has even been proven that regular sexual activity with quality orgasms will help you live longer!

Confidence in one’s inner femaleness and feeling and being grounded in who we are as women is one of the most powerful things we can do to fully align with our purpose. We are female before we are mothers, daughters, co-workers, wives, teachers, etc. Fully connecting to our feminine power using such rituals as dance (being recorded far back in history) is tremendously affirming and empowering for many women who have been afraid or uncomfortable in their own skin.

Once we are truly comfortable with who we are as women, then we can stand tall, be more confident and grounded and we will emit a positive energy that men, women and children will be drawn to. We can watch as the law of attraction brings forth everything we need to then create the life we truly want and deserve to have.

I believe that pole dancing absolutely helps empower women. It’s purpose is not to connect with their inner slut (as had been suggested), though for some that may be exactly what they want or need, but to connect with their feminine power to be strong and vital like Mother earth, Mother Nature, Goddesses, etc. You can be the force that gives birth to your perfect life.

It will surely take a bit more than a few hours on the pole, but isn’t self and sexual empowerment an on-going journey with each step moving us forward to what we desire? For some women, this is a HUGE step and it can be tranforming for them and a shift can happen that PROPELS them forward. It can be truly amazing to be a witness to.

Again, these are my opinions and my intention is not to offend but merely to point out that it can be very empowering to connect with our sensual side indeed.

Let me know what you think!


3 Responses to “Pole Dancing”

  1. Brutus Says:

    Well, I put up a blog post critical of pole dancing. From my perspective, it’s tacky and tasteless as a fitness club offering. From your perspective, that of a sex and intimacy coach, it’s not nearly the same thing. If I disapprove of a public dance class with a heavily sexual pretext, it’s not also true that I automatically disapprove of the needs of women to be comfortable with their sexuality. The problem from a feminist perspective (I hope I get this right, since I’m not a feminist blogger) is framing female sexuality in terms of the oppressor by adopting the values of men, namely, visual displays of trashy behavior.

    There are plenty of examples of seductive displays in nature, which make no sense to judge, but human culture doesn’t really exist in a state of nature. And I wonder what parallel means of empowerment exists for me that does not similarly refine male sexuality in female terms.

    I’m all for healthy and honest sexual expression. Mediating cultural influences obviously have messed up most of us on some level, from prudery to fear of infectious disease to unrealistic expectations of frequent peak experience. I still believe, however, that learning how to strut like a stripper may not be a very good antidote for what ails women (or men).

  2. FeelinYummy Says:

    You must have a seriously flawed belief that your opinion on what qualifies as “tacky and tasteless” or “trashy behavior” is somehow the standard by which you feel justified to judge others. Being a prude does not somehow make you morally superior to women who are obviously more confident and open-minded than yourself. If you feel that attending a pole dancing class would be inappropriate for you, than that is your prerogative. However, do not be so arrogant as to believe that your values are the standard to which we should also strive to live by.

  3. Hertha Engley Says:

    What are some really good poetry blogs or websites to post journal entries?

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