Kim’s D.R.E.A.M.


Simple Steps for a Sexier You!

Yes, you CAN have the sex life of your dreams!

Quite often people ask me if there is a magic pill to help increase their sex drive.

  • Do you want the secret formula to rev up your libido?
  • Do you want the key to unleashing your inner sex kitten?

One way to start is by setting up a solid foundation by using my D.R.E.A.M.Ô program.

The steps aren’t overly romantic, but they are essential – maintain a healthy body and mind! It’s simple, but not easy.
The beauty of it is you have control over ALL aspects of it!

Here’s a brief overiew to help you get started.

D is for DIET

· Sexual energy (life force) or chi is in our kidneys so keep them strong and healthy. Some ways to do this include eating: molasses in warm water, well cooked tofu, walnuts, eggs, shrimp, mussels, lobster, oysters, lamb, beef, ocean fish, dark mushrooms, blueberries, olives, miso, celery

· 43% more sperm is created in men that eat organic according to The Lancet proving that diet does play a key role in sexual health

· Don’t eat fried foods, creams, excess sugar, salt, saturated fat or highly processed foods. These make it harder for you to reach orgasm. Tobacco, alcohol and coffee leach nutrients from your body and dampen desire!! Doesn’t that give you even more incentive to change habits you know are bad for you?

· Some foods are have an aphrodisiac effect because they are phallic like asparagus (can calm the nerves, aids in digestion) and bananas. Some are like the vulva such as oysters, peaches, figs or papaya – can you think of any others?

· Magical chocolate contains phenylethylamine which raises endorphins (our natural anti-depressants). Go for the dark, organic stuff !

· A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean protein will keep your organs in peak condition for lovemaking according to National College of Naturopathic Medicine.

· When low in energy, head for the bedroom not the fridge!

R is for REST

· Making love helps you relax and get to sleep. The endorphins released will help to calm you.

· Anne Hooper says “Sleep is a beauty treatment”. When your body is at rest is when it heals, recuperates, builds and repairs, and even removes fluids from skin so we glow youthfully.

· Your habits and sleeping environment deeply affect your ability to relax and sleep – so look around your bedroom! Do piles on the floor and night table help relax you?

· Get hugs throughout your day to keep you relaxed.

· Snuggle and kiss before sleeping – practice doing it with the understanding that no sex will follow.


· Being fit brings confidence which is #1 aphrodisiac

· Sex is great aerobic exercise

· You use 34 muscles when kissing

· If you’re tired (not fit) you won’t want to have sex

· If overweight, you are more tired, and may have body image issues so won’t want sex

· Extra weight can lead to snoring, not sexy

· Will keep stress, tension and depression at bay so you’ll have more sex

· One of the main reasons for being fit is to be sexy! Accept the incentive!

A is for AQUA

· You can only survive 3-14 days with no water (there are lots of factors to account for) but you can only go for 3 weeks with no food!

· We’re 90 % water! It is critical to your health

· Alcohol numbs nerve endings, decreases lubrication, can depress libido so try the aqua alternative

· Indulge in a large glass of water before bed if you’re hungry – then you have some to sweat off!

M is for MINDSET

· Shared Vision-July 1999 “The sexual act not only unites men & women for sensual and emotional fulfillment but also connects us with spirit.” – I believe this applies to any gender.

· Sexual energy is your life force. Blocking it impairs your emotional, physical and overall state of being.

· Making love is the best anti-aging strategy I know of. Inattention to your sexuality will rob you of your youth quickly as your vitality lessens, your life force becomes weaker, your immune system is weaker, but if you pump up your love life, your ecstasy keeps you strong and vital!

· Imagine yourself wearing your comfy woolies – how sexy do you feel? How about lingerie only? Lingerie under your clothes? High heels? What else makes you FEEL sexy?

· Sexy is a state of mind. If you want to ooze sexy and sensual, you can!

If you choose to say NO to implementing any of these changes, what are you really saying Yes to? If you don’t make any changes at all, what will your love life look like in one month? In six months? In one year?? In two years???To find out more, listen here for FREE tele-seminar held on Feb 8 at 7 pm PST.

In my “Simple Steps” workshops and tele-seminars you receive many more tips and ways to make eating healthy foods interesting, sexy and fun!

You take a quiz to see how your bedroom stacks up and then receive lovely ideas for a blissful bedroom! You’ll even develop your own that suit you perfectly!You also get fun tests to determine your sexual fitness level and exercises to improve it!You can try the pinch test to see how hydrated you are and learn creative ways to get more water and some fun rewards for success!

You also discover ways to be sensual without explicit sexual activity – it’s a great way to get the life you deserve!

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