Is your Love Life Better than Chocolate?


I read an article about how kind words spoken to another can help you change how you feel about life in a positive way! That got me thinking and not only do I think it’s fabulous, I’ve added my own twist to help make it really add sizzle to your relationship.

I challenge you to try this for one week. Each day you say something extra sweet, special and loving to your partner. Do it in a unique way each day. To make it easy for you, I’ll even give you a day by day recipe for the whole week!

On Monday slip a secret love note into your honey’s briefcase or lunch bag. Even a napkin with I love you on it is sure to bring a smile.

On Tuesday try leaving a seductive lipstick message on the bathroom mirror before you go to bed so your beloved sees it in the morning before starting the day.

On Wednesday send a romantic email or a series of increasingly revealing text messages. Just keep them rated PG so they don’t come back to haunt you.

On Thursday record a saucy little webcam message that you can send to your darling at work but ONLY if that is an appropriate environment. If you aren’t sure, keep the message simple but loving. It’s the gesture that counts. If they have a laptop, send a message to let them know that they should be somewhere private before they open your video message. You don’t want to be the hottest thing at Starbucks!

If you don’t have a webcam with your computer, try creating an MP3 using a computer microphone or a digital recorder. If you’re getting frustrated with me and confused about the technology at this point, don’t despair, you can still use my old standby: the tape cassette recorder. Record a sexy message and put it in your honey’s car with a post-it on the dashboard with directions to play what’s in the tape deck when a quiet moment presents itself. You don’t want them listening to you reveal all the romantic things you want to do to them later that evening while they have Jane, Suzie and the rest of the soccer team in the backseat!

On Friday, see if you can get your sweetie to participate (if he or she hasn’t already) by waltzing up behind them and whispering a slinky question in their ear. Try something like: what part of my body would you like to plant your lips on at this moment? If you’re shy, try asking: what was your favourite thing to do when we first got together?

Are you getting the picture?

On Saturday, try slipping out to either a pay phone or the corner store and use your cell phone and call home. Test out your newly developed abilities to say sexy, sweet nothings to your darling. Experiment with how daring you get. Risk a little!

On Sunday, plan a romantic candlelight dinner and turn it into an extended love fest where you go on and on about various body parts and characteristics that you love about your lover! Place a note in the napkin and under their plate so it appears after your scrumptious dinner has been cleared away. Tuck another under the wine glass or tie a note with ribbon to one of the dessert utensils.
Have fun with this.

A bonus for this one is that candlelight is the most flattering light for love. It not only sets the mood, it hides any of those “less than perfect” areas of your body. Candles also offer a perception of safety and comfort so you are more likely to feel secure and uninhibited enough to really look deeply into your partner’s eyes. That can be intensely erotic. If you murmur powerful words of love, that’s even better.

Wow – what a week that’s going to be! How can you make your love last longer?

I’d love to hear your experiences with this so please email me your creative ideas and their sexy results!


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