Is There A Magic Sex Pill?


Is there a magic pill to increase my sex drive?

If there was, I’d have a whole new business and be giving Bill Gates a run for his money! No, there is no magic pill, herb or secret yoga position, but I do have a simple formula for great sex. I call it D.R.E.A.M. and it’s comprised of 5 key ingredients guaranteed to rev your engine. These aren’t in order, other than to form a creative acronym to help you remember them. Wink, wink. While they aren’t prioritized, they’re also not independent of each other. There’s a synergy when all five are combined.

Synergy has been defined as ‘the combination of factors which each multiply the effects of the other(s) rather than merely adding to them’ If you have a person who drinks too much and a person who smokes too much, you know they’re putting their health at risk. If you have a person who drinks too much, smokes too much and they take a lot of prescription medication, there is a synergetic health risk that is much greater than any individual risk alone. If you add all the D.R.E.A.M. ingredients together, you will have more than just a one-two punch to jumpstart your love life!

In this post I’ll cover the first ingredient. The letter D is for Diet. I don’t mean starve yourself of love so you’ll want it all that much more, though that seems to be what some people try to do. I’m talking about being careful and aware of what you put into your body. You may roll your eyes and say yeah, yeah, I know that. I ask you: Are you really paying attention to what you ingest?

According to the medical journal, The Lancet, 43% more sperm is created in men that eat organic foods proving there is a relationship between food and your sexual organs.

According to Eastern philosophy, your sexual energy or life force (chi – pronounced chee) is carried in your kidneys so keeping them strong and healthy is important. A partial list of ideal foods for kidney health is molasses in warm water, well cooked tofu, walnuts, eggs, shrimp, mussels, lobster, oysters, lamb, beef, blueberries and celery. A little something for everyone!

Eating fried foods, creams, excess sugar, salt, saturated fat or highly processed foods all make it harder to reach orgasm. Pardon the pun. Tobacco, alcohol and coffee leach nutrients and dampen desire. If you’re having issues around getting aroused or reaching climax, take a serious look at what you put into your mouth…

We can’t talk sex and food without mentioning the aphrodisiac qualities of phallic foods such as asparagus and bananas or foods that remind them of females such as oysters, peaches or figs. Have you ever looked, I mean really looked, at a papaya? Chocolate is sexy because it contains phenylethylamine which raises your endorphins (natural anti-depressants). Go for the dark, organic stuff and you can’t lose. Ginger, onions and pepper get you hot and sweaty and that flush can mimic arousal. It sometimes helps to fake it till you make it. Though faking your orgasm is an absolute no-no! I’ll save that for another article.

One way to make good food sexier is to prepare meals together, feeding each other as you go, perhaps even naked. Remember the steamy food scene in 9 ½ Weeks? Maybe you prefer a relaxing bath together while feeding each other exotic fruits, cheeses or chocolates. The adventurous can go for natural ice cream or a bubbly natural fruit drink that, oops, may spill down your chest. The bathtub is for more than washing. Try a meal with no utensils and feed each other from one plate. Do this in front of the fire, on the beach, in the bedroom – get creative. And use the good china. Your love is worth it!

According to the National College of Naturopathic Medicine a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean protein will keep your organs in peak condition for lovemaking. So get cooking!

I said simple, but I didn’t say easy. What is your DREAM for your love life?

To find out more about the D.R.E.A.M. Program, check it out on the Blog or under Tele-Seminars to hear a one hour tele-seminar FREE!


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