Great Sex is in Your Head!


A survey by Canadian women’s magazine Chatelaine noted some interesting stats about the 4,000 Canadian women studied.

Half admit that body image affects their enjoyment of sex and the better they feel about how they look, the better sex is. This supports my belief that it isn’t always just about toys, technique and tactics but about what is going on inside of you (mostly the little voice inside your head) that makes the difference between sex and true intimacy.

They also mentioned that 22% of women never masturbate! That seems a darn shame if you ask me. Self-love is the absolute best path to having extra-ordinary sex. Not unlike the saying “you need to love yourself before you can truly love another”, I say it also applies to self-cultivation (Dr. Christiane Northrup’s word for masturbation) to truly know what you really want so you can then *allow* another to please you.


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