Erection Ring How To


Lots of you have heard of erection rings (or cock rings as they’re commonly known) but aren’t sure how they work or what they do.

The idea is to keep an erection by preventing the blood from flowing back into the body from the penis. They work great for those who can get an erection but have trouble maintaining it. These will NOT make the man take longer to reach orgasm, but they will make the erection stay hard longer!

Our erection rings slip onto the penis (use some lubricant or saliva) and slide down the shaft to the base. Gently tighten the adjustable ring for your perfect fit. Some have snaps or come in sizes. I don’t recommend these since penises come in more sizes than small, medium or large!

You can safely orgasm with them on and they’re great for keeping condoms in place. Do not keep them on for more than 30 minutes. Not a good idea to constrict blood flow for any longer.

You can get rings with clitoral stimulators, some that vibrate and our most deluxe model -the Diving Dolphin is always a popular!
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